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The Legal Stuff

What Exactly is a Vendor?

A vendor at "You Belong" is business or non-profit that has members of its organization providing information, services, or goods to event attendees. Usually vendors have a table with people there to talk to attendees, but the table isn't the defining factor, it's the person or people who are there to interact with attendees that define being a capital-V Vendor. If your business or non-profit is only dropping off goods or supplies for distribution at "You Belong", we don't classify you as a vendor and you can stop reading here. Everyone else has a few i's to dot and t's to cross that we describe next.

For All Vendors at the Event

Darien Pride reserves for each vendor enough space for a 10' x 10' tent at Tilley Pond Park. Darien Pride will provide for the celebration: a permit from the town, event promotion, a DJ, festive decorations, public speakers, entertainment, comfort stations, extra refuse bins, an off-duty police officer, and volunteers. Vendors must bring everything for their tables to the event including the table itself, chairs, and any supplies you want for your space. There is no electricity.

This is a family-friendly, inclusive event. Examples of prohibited items include: Illicit content, alcohol, bouncy castles, food preparation without a permit, CBD, and open flames.

Since we're having the event at Tilley Pond Park, Darien Parks and Recreation is asking that all vendors provide a Certificate of Insurance to them. We've done this many times and can connect you with insurers who can help. You can give the certificate of insurance to us and we'll make sure Parks and Rec receives it. The deadline to provide this CoI to Darien Pride is end of day, May 22 2024. The insurance has to have the following features:

Any organization or individual agrees to maintain during the term of this agreement Comprehensive General Liability Insurance against the acts or omissions of the authorized parties in conducting the permitted activities, and naming the TOWN OF DARIEN as an additional insured with respect to such coverage. Minimum policy limits shall be $1,000,000 combined single limit per occurrence for bodily injury, personal injury and property damage, *$3,000,000 aggregate. Each occurrence, bodily injury and property damage combined. THE ORGANIZATION OR INDIVIDUAL agrees to provide a CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE evidencing such coverage and naming the TOWN OF DARIEN

For Vendors Selling Merchandise or Services at the Event

Since we're having the event at Tilley Pond Park, Darien Parks and Recreation is asking that all vendors who are selling non food/beverage merchandise or services get approval from the Darien Parks and Recreation Commission. Please send Darien Pride a written statement of what items you will be selling and where the proceeds of all sales go by end of day on April 30 2024. The Darien Parks and Recreation Commission will review all letters at their meeting on May 15 2024.

For Vendors Selling or Donating Food at the Event

If you are dropping food off and leaving, congratulations you don't have any paperwork! If you are a vendor who will stay and sell or give away food, Darien Pride needs a filled-out food permit form from you by end of day May 22 2024.

For Vendors Selling or Donating Grooming or Health Services

If you plan to sell or donate grooming or health services, please get in touch with us as soon as you can. We're still figuring out exactly what the Darien Health department requires for this.

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